Apogee PowerED

Apogee’s core hospital offering, PowerED, is designed to function in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Within the inpatient setting, PowerED can focus on individual departments or link performance across multiple departments, for example ED → Lab → Imaging. Within hospital systems, PowerED can show the same department(s) side by side or integrate information to support transfer or bed management centers.

Within each department based module, PowerED presents real time patient flow information as a dynamic dashboard augmented with multiple drill down views that depict real time and historical performance through dashboards, graphical, tabular, and infographic views. Goals can be entered and text alerts can be matched to critical situations. Clients can select information time windows, comparisons, and data download formats in order to pursue their own analysis.

PowerED hospital modules can include staffing information derived from predetermined schedules or ideally live feeds from digital time and attendance systems. PowerED modules also track operational performance for clinicians reporting key metrics with peer comparisons.

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