Apogee has created three tiers of Service Packages to meet all combinations of these extended needs.

  1. Clients often have unique internal reporting requirements. Apogee is able to recast and integrate the information its solution provides to integrate or augment these needs as well as increase the flexibility of how this information is distributed up and down the administrative chain (using push, pull and mobile strategies).
  2. In addition clients approach Apogee requesting integration of new data sets beyond our core offerings. Apogee is able to accommodate a wide variety of special and ad hoc projects.
  3. Lastly, clients who are advanced in six sigma or lean process improvement initiatives often request more extensive data and analytic support. These often include clinical performance, financial interpretation or computer based modeling.

  4. All tiers are offered on a subscription basis. The Information Service Packages include biweekly interactive sessions during all phases of design, distribution and interpretation of the analytic output.