The Apogee System
PowerED walks across existing client health care applications (EMR, ADT, claims, LIS, RIS, Time and attendance, etc.) transforming granular and metadata items into targeted information channels for managers and clinicians.
Information is delivered in local environments or via mobile access. Virtual instrumentation (dynamic dashboards) allows real-time viewing, surveillance and alerting. Complete reporting packages provide client configured Pull Reports and customized Push Reports. Data is downloadable in standard formats.
The Apogee Approach
Apogee subscription model is flexible, economical, and requires no capital expenditures such as equipment purchase, in-house coding, or intensive training programs.
Advanced analytic tools combined with Apogee services deliver actionable results via the web.
Apogee PowerED
Managers make "on-the-fly" decisions to maximize efficiency, improve care, and increase revenue.

Apogee provides the information to support dynamic decision making – addressing the "what", the "why" and the "what next".